Artist Statement

The Irrelevant Title

I am a digital artist who is excited by color and intrigued by shiny objects. I usually use strong complementary colors that jump. My work is a mirror of myself, in that if it’s in the room, everyone knows it. I start out with an idea and a plan of execution as straight as a railroad track but the overriding rule is that as soon as I come to a place where another track crosses my path, I take it. I purposely never end up where I originally planned to go. I use free association and Then Along Comes Mary in my plan. I often start with an image, either photographic or painted, that serves as a ground for my canvas. I then add layers of imagery that blend and interact, keeping the parts I like and obscuring others…. very much like scraping through an aquatint to discover a soft-ground texture hidden beneath. The layers consist of photographs, 3D renderings, satellite images, computational images and digital paintings. Sometimes the work remains as a digital composite and sometimes I digitally paint from the composite. Often the themes of my work start with thoughts of the environment, nature and science. Where they end up by the time they are finished depends on the direction the wind was blowing and what’s happening in the world. I often name my work based on the resulting image, the originating idea or a free association synaptic connection to the Fifth Dimension (or the Mamas and the Papas), which is why some of the titles are unfathomable. They are relevant to something but often irrelevant to themselves.

Sven Anderson